More WLRP goodies!

Ugh it’s been a busy week and I didn’t get to do the posts I wanted to do but I’m able to get one out now while I’ve got some time and I’m hoping to be able to do one post a week until my Uni schedule gets crazy again! Today I’ve got some more WLRP items to show you guys! The event started a few days ago now so make sure you head over and grab yourself some of the awesome items that are up this round!


I had planned to get this post out last night but unfortunately, it was one of those nights where sl just hated me and kept crashing every time I tried to take a pic! I went to this sim called Dead End City and it just hated me so I had to put it off for the night and come back today and luckily sl didn’t hate me so much! This sim is a roleplay sim and it’s great for urban pics! There’s teleporters around the place that come in the form of a bus and there’s a few different sections to visit. Today for my pics I went to the main street but I plan on going back there in the future to visit some different areas when I have the need for some urban scenes!


Pose: BodyLanguage SLC – Nekomoe 1 @ WLRP

The outfit I’m wearing today is pretty much completely made up of WLRP items! Today I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up as the Maniaque Ballet Shoes by AZOURY made me run out and get the new Slink Pointe feet as the details in them are amazing! As soon as I put on the feet and shoes I set about making an outfit to go with them and found this awesome Lyra Skirt from DE Designs. The skirt comes with standard size options as well as options for Belleza Hourglass and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Physique and Maitreya options. The skirt also has a hud with 3 belt textures, 2 hardware metal textures and 4 button options. I love the detailing of this skirt and think it’s definitely worth picking up!

The shoulder pads I’m wearing today are by [KROVA]. I loved the look of these shoulder pads and thought they gave the outfit a more grungy look.


Pose: BodyLanguage SLC – Nekomoe 3 @ WLRP

The top I’m wearing today is the Kitana Top by Azuchi which comes in 10 colours for Maitreya Lara. This awesome fitmesh top is materials enabled and is definitely worth getting your hands on if you’re an avid Maitreya Lara wearer like me! The tattoo that I’m wearing today is the LightsOut tattoo by White~Widow. This tattoo comes with system layers in normal, high and low options as well as appliers for Maitreya, Adam, Belleza, Eve, Slink, Sking Brazilla Doll, The Mesh Project, Slink and Maitreya hands as well as Omega appliers so no matter what body you’re wearing this tattoo will go with it!


Pose: BodyLanguage SLC – Nekomoe 4 @ WLRP

The skin I’m wearing today is the Virgo Lelukta applier by YS&YS. The applier comes in 4 tones and has 12 skin looks, 8 eye makeups, 8 lip options and 6 brow colours. Today I’m wearing the 5th skin option, the 6th eye option, the 2nd lip option and the black brow option in tone 2. This applier is worth picking up if you have a Lelutka head and are looking for a grungy applier! I picked up my Maitreya applier from their store and also picked up the slink hands and feet appliers before I noticed that the slink hands and feet appliers were included in the Maitreya applier so keep that in mind when purchasing appliers as it shall save you some L’s 😀

The hair I’m wearing today is the Elin hair by Ayashi. The hair comes with a resize option and well as a rigged option as well as an option to hide or unhide the horns. I’m a big lover of horns so I love that this hair came with horns but I think the option to hide them is pretty nifty too! The eyes I’m wearing today are the Brilliance eyes by Insufferable Dastard in the Amber colour. I love these eyes at the moment and seem to never take them off!

Before I finish up this post I’ll mention the last WLRP item that I’ve used which is the Nekomoe pose hud from BodyLanguage SLC that comes as a bonus with their Nekomimi AO. This pose hud has 5 poses in it with each pose having a mirror option. I loved using these poses for this shoot and found the hud quite handy to use! Well that’s all from me for today! I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and remember WLRP is open until the end of the month so make sure you head on over and get the items shown in this post plus many more awesome items that are up for grabs! I shall not promise a post tomorrow this time as knowing my luck I’ll have rl get in the way again and will be gone for another week but I’ll be back on as soon as I can with more WLRP goodies for you guys! Until then, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

❤ Lҽҽʂҽҽ

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Back with some WLRP goodies!

So I’m back for a little while during the holidays and before my last exam, it’s been pretty crazy irl for me, first with a trip to the UK which was amazing, then back to Uni and then assignments and exams, then the craziness that comes along with helping my mum with her not-for-profit charity and now I’m back and I got back just in time to show off some upcoming WLRP goodies! The event starts on the 5th at 1pm slt and there’s some pretty awesome stuff this time around! There’s also some early access passes up for grabs on the marketplace here, so if you want to get yourself some lag free shopping done be sure to grab them real quick!


So before I get on to the outfit, I’d like to mention the sim I visited as always. The sim I visited today is a roleplay sim called Tajukistan Tahari and I loved the desert theme to go with my outfit! You have to wear an observer tag when you go there that you can pick up for free at the teleport point. It’s worth going and having a look for sure!


Pose – Precious 6 by La Baguette

Today’s outfit is made up of mostly WLRP items and the first I’d like to mention are the Bernadotte boots by lassitude & ennui. These boots come with options for Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique and there’s 10 colour options to choose from. Today I went with the brown option for Maitreya Lara as I think they go brilliantly with the Nimue Outfit by Wicca’s Wardrobe! This outfit comes in standard sizes as well as options for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique. There’s a texture change hud included that has 8 colour options for each part of the top, skirt, belt and arms and three metal options.


Pose – Precious 2 by La Baguette

The long and short necklaces I’m wearing today are from Yummy. The long necklace is called the Runic Pendant and it comes in gold or silver. The shorter necklace is called the Alchemy Charms necklace and it comes in black gold and silver.

The hair I’m wearing today is from Damselfly. It’s called Caley and I’m wearing one of the colours from their tuxedo colour pack. I’m always excited to see what Damselfly comes out with as I love their hair and always find that they look great on my av and with almost any outfit!


The last items from WLRP that I’m wearing today are the Elementalis Horns & Crown in the Devil colour option from Plastik. The horns come in 20 colours with 2 different crown options either flame or liquid the one I’m wearing today is the liquid option and both crowns have a small or large option (large pictured). Each crown has a hud with 25 colour options.

The skin I’m wearing today is from DS’Elles and is the Camille Catwa applier that can be found in their main store. Today I’m wearing the Colorado tone with the matching Maitreya and Slink hand appliers. Today I’m wearing the Amber Brilliance eyes by Insufferable Dastard. These eyes have 10 different colour options and come with mesh or system layer options. Last but not least I’m also wearing the Sylvan Ears by Bentbox

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my post for today! I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with some more WLRP goodies to show you! Don’t forget to check out the marketplace and pick up your early access pass for WLRP here so you can pick up your goodies before the opening day rush! Remember that WLRP opens on the 5th at 1pm slt so until then the links to the event won’t work.

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A very quick update

Hi all! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I just wanted to give my readers a quick update to where I’ve been and what’s happening.

April was a fun time for me, I went to the UK for a few weeks and had an amazing time! But unfortunately as soon as I got back it was straight back to uni and catching up on lectures I missed while away.

Since then it’s been study study and more study! I’ve got the last of my major assignments to finish then exams to prepare for until I finally get a break after June 25th. So for now I’m unable to blog due to all the study but after exams are over I fully intend on getting back into blogging a bit to relax and get a bit of creativity out!

I hope you’re all having an amazing time wherever you are and I’ll see you all again after exams with some awesome items from around the place!

❤ Leesee

Skin Fair has started!

Finally got a bit of spare time to do another post and thought I’d remind you guys that Skin Fair officially started on the 11th, so make sure you get in there and grab up some of these awesome skins!

Today I’ll also be showing some more We ❤ Rp goodies as well! There’s really some stunning stuff at We ❤ Rp this round and it’s rather frustrating not having the time to show off more of it!


The Sim I went to to take my pics today is called Telrunya – Forest of Dreams and it’s a gorgeous place for fantasy pictures! I loved the region windlight so ran with that as the base for my pictures today and I really recommend going and having a walk around! There’s a bunch of magical places to take pics at or just relax by yourself or with a friend/loved one.


Pose: !Musa! – Staff Pose 4

The staff I’m using today is a new release from Figment called the Arcanum Staff which can be found at Oneword – Magic from the 17th of March. The staff comes with a carry version and a sheathed version and it has a hud with colour change options for the gem and tassels as well as texture options for the hand grip and metal. There’s an rgb colour changer for the tassels and the hud for the handgrip and metals has 8 options for the handgrip and 4 metal options for the rest. I loved the look of this staff and thought it looked brilliant with the rest of the outfit!

Speaking of the rest of the outfit, the dress I’m wearing today is from Plastik and is called the Romorah Gown. It’s available at We ❤ Rp and it’s a really stunning dress! There’s 20 colours to choose from so there’s bound to be a colour that suits everyone!


Pose: La Baguette – Oupsie 6

The hair I’m wearing today is the Kogitsu hair from [^.^Ayashi^.^] that’s also available at We ❤ Rp. The hair comes in a male, female and neutral versions so there’s something for everyone!

The bracelets, armbands and choker I’m wearing today are all by Cellar Door and are called the Bella Jewelry and the Bella Collar. They come in 5 different colours and they’re a great set for any look!


Pose: La Baguette – Oupsie 8

The headdress and earrings that I’m wearing today are from Meva and are called the Feather Set. The set comes in brown, black or olive and is also available at We ❤ Rp. The last We ❤ Rp item that I’m wearing today is the I’m Tired eyes from Clemmm. The ears I’m wearing today are .:Soul:.’s Luin ears which are available at the mainstore.

The skin I’m wearing today is the Carla skin from DS’Elles that’s available at Skin Fair. Today I’m wearing the colorado tone with the catwa applier. There’s also omega appliers available and there’s all your general appliers available at the mainstore.

For more information on who is at the skin fair, have a look at the pale girl productions website here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I’m rather sick atm so I’m hoping that the post is coherent!

❤ Lҽҽʂҽҽ

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Some more We Love Roleplay, plus Skin Fair too!

Phew! I’ve got to say I’m completely exhausted! Uni is taking up a lot of my time and walking up and down steps and hills all day on campus is having me come home and go to bed! Then my weekend got filled with making up a website and doing up some policies and procedures for my mums not for profit organization, I’m about ready to sleep for the rest of the week and forget another week of walking up stairs and hills! XD

Anyway, enough about me, today I’ve got some more We ❤ Rp items to show off to you guys plus a Skin Fair skin! Seriously, I wish I had more time to blog so I could show off as much of this stuff as possible because there’s some seriously awesome items at We ❤ Rp and some amazing skins that will be available at Skin Fair!


Before I get started on that though, the sim I took the pictures at today is a Femdom roleplay sim called Viata Induri. I thought the sim fit perfect with the outfit I created and it has a lot of ruins etc to explore plus a castle! The sim was empty when I went there so check out the map if you’re not wanting to get caught up in the RP etc.


Pose: La Baguette: Dehanche 3

Today I think I’ll start from the boots and work my way up! 😀 Remember that all of these items are from We ❤ Rp so make sure you click the link I just provided or the one at the top to go pick up the items for yourself!

The boots I’m wearing are by Wicca’s Wardrobe and are called the Montana Boots. They come with a hud that has 9 texture options for the boots, 3 lace options and 4 metal options. I love the textures on these boots! They’re really well made and come with options for slink plus XXS, XS, S, M and L options so you should be able to get a good fit no matter what body you’re wearing or size you are! I’m wearing the L version with my Maitreya body and they fit perfectly!

The pants I’m wearing today are appliers and if you know me you’ll know that it’s very rarely that I’ll wear an applier! I don’t particularly feel that many appliers look realistic but these pants are amazing! They’re called the Handstitched leather leggings by lassitude & ennui and seriously the texturing is amazing! The leather is amazingly realistic and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the quality of these especially with them being an applier!


Pose: See first outfit pic

The bracelets I’m wearing today are from Eudora3D and are part of their Eir set. The set comes with a necklace and pauldrons that match which aren’t pictured today and it’s available either in gold & bronze or iron & steel. For a picture of  all of the items have a look at the flickr here.

The corset that I’m wearing today is by {JAS} and is called Aleezea. The corset sits under the breasts and again has lovely detailing. The corset comes in black, brown and white with options for maitreya, slink and slink hourglass.

The top that I’m wearing over the corset today is by AiShA and is called the Lyn leather top. The top comes in four colours, black, white, brown and green, and are rigged in standard size L, M, S and XS. The top is materials enabled and it’s really worth viewing in high graphics to see the materials as this is where the details really come out on this one!


Pose: See first outfit pic

The pauldrons I’m wearing today are from Jang’ka. They’re called Gaia and are available in 8 different colours. The one I’m wearing today is the fire dragon feathers and the rest of the options can be seen here. The feathers on this are gorgeously detailed and they’re really worth picking up for your fantasy outfits!

The necklace, earrings and septum piercing I’m wearing today are from Yummy. There’s 7 colour options for the necklace, 2 earring options (gold or silver) and two different septum piercings both in gold or silver. To check out the full collection, see the flickr pic here.

The eyes I’m wearing today are Clemmm’s I’m Tired eyes and they’re really amazing eyes! There’s a bunch of colours to choose from and there’s options for bloodshot, and slightly clean. There’s system eyes as well as mesh and mesh concave eyes and to check out all of the options have a look here.

The hair I’m wearing today is the Elaine hair by .Entwined. This is a lovely long hair with lovely flowing locks down the back and I thought it went perfect with the dead religion headdress by DRD!  That wraps it up for We ❤ Rp items now lets talk about this awesome skin!

The skin I’m wearing is from -Belviso- and it’s their exclusive for this years Skin Fair. The skin is a catwa applier and it comes with a system body skin with brown eyebrows, 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows and it comes in three tones. There’s also cleavage options for the skin and there’s also mesh body appliers available so you’ll have all your needs covered! It’s a gorgeous skin and I love the freckles on it! It’s definitely one to check out! Finally the ears that I’m wearing today are .:Soul:.’s Luin ears.

Skin Fair opens on March 11 at 12:01am SLT and runs until March 27th. Make sure you join the PGP info group where all demos will be sent out as well as in the Skin Addiction group! You can check out the maps below and be sure to click on the link above to check out the website where all designers are listed!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I’ll be hopefully able to do another post on Wednesday when it’s my day off uni so I can show you another awesome skin from skin fair and some more we ❤ rp stuff!

Time for me to head to bed! Have a great week xx

❤ Lҽҽʂҽҽ

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