We <3 Rp!!!

This is my first time blogging for We ❤ Rp and I’m super excited!! I’ve loved this event for forever now and have always saved up my L’s to go shopping there and to become an official blogger is amazing! We ❤ Rp starts march 4th at 3pm slt and there’s some absolutely amazing items to pick up! The-Outer-Garden-2016.jpg

First up as always, I’ll talk about the sim I visited for the pics. I went back to The Outer Garden for these ones as I love this sim, it’s really dreamy and I love the little room (although it doesn’t always completely rez for me, stupid Aussie internet!) If you’ve never been to The Outer Garden, I highly recommend it for fantasy pics! It’s a stunning sim and really worth having a look!


Pose: La Baguette – Precious 8

The dress I’m wearing today is the gorgeous Antoinette gown in gold by !gO! that they have out for We ❤ Rp. I adore the details on this one! The pictures really don’t do this one justice! The bows and lace are really stunning and I think this is some of !gO!’s best work to date! There’s a hair that goes with the dress that isn’t pictured today that has an option for with or without a hat and you can see the hat and other dress options here.


Pose: La Baguette – Precious 6

The flower veil and flowers on my arm are also a We ❤ Rp item, this time being from NAMINOKE. This set comes with the headdress, veil for left and right, a mouth option (not pictured), options for the right and left forearms and hands. There’s a white, pink and a white and pink version and today I’m wearing the white and pink. I think it goes really well with the dress and it’s absolutely stunningly detailed!


Pose: See above picture

The hair I’m wearing today is the last We ❤ Rp item I’m wearing today this time being from .:EMO-tions.. The hair is called Leni and as always with EMO-tions, I’m not disappointed! I love the wisps of hair down the front and the back has a gorgeous plait that wraps around from the sides and then falls down the back. It’s well worth picking up if you’re in the market for a nice natural looking long hair!

The skin I’m wearing today is from DS’Elles. It’s called Lorie and can be found at The Black Dot Project until the 4th so make sure you get in quick to pick up this gorgeous skin!  Last but not least the eyes I’m wearing today are the Soft Eyes in Honey by Insufferable Dastard.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more We ❤ Rp items coming up real soon!!

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Some Enchantment Goodies!

Hey guys! Been a few days, rushed off my feet with Uni and boy it takes some adjustment! Up at 6am tomorrow to get to an 8am class and I think I might actually die! I’m hoping that the homework isn’t due because I totally haven’t done it yet! >.<

Anyway, enough about me! Today I’m going to do a quick post with some items from a few stores I blog for that are mostly from Enchantment which ends on the 5th, so make sure you get there and pick up these awesome unicorn inspired goodies!


Before I get on to the outfit as always I’ll mention the sim that I visited for the pics. Today I went to Sorrow which is a fairly minimalist sim but beautiful just the same! It’s great for a quiet place of solitude and was great to take pictures at! There’s much to say for a sim with no lag!!


Pose: grafica null iii mirror previously @ Pose Lover

First up today, the legs I’m wearing are by AiShA and are part of their Armor Unicorn set for Enchantment. I blogged the horn that’s also available from AiShA in this post and it’s taken me a bit but here are the legs as promised! These legs come in a variety of colours, the same as the horns and I think they’re awesome!

Next up is the Native Leather Bikini outfit from Yasum which can be found at Whimsical. I loved the look of this outfit and thought it was perfect to show off a bit of .:Soul:.’s Amalthea Skin that’s available at Enchantment! The Native Leather Bikini outfit comes in 5 colours and you can pick up your own set until the 3rd of March, so be quick!

The Collar, Bracelets, Armbands and Unicorn Horn and Ears that I’m wearing today are all part of Sweet Lies’ Kilin gacha that they have for Enchantment. The Collar, Bracelets and Armbands are all commons and the Horn and Ears are a rare. There’s also a top and skirt to collect in blue and green that are common and there’s a rare set of hooves to collect as well. For a better look at the whole outfit, check out the gacha key here.


Pose: See above picture

Another Enchantment item that I’m wearing today is the Amalthea necklace and earrings from Plastik. This set comes with a range of options and to see what’s on offer you can check the pic out here.

The eyes I’m wearing today are from Insufferable Dastard and are called Soft Eyes. I’m wearing the Honey colour and there’s 8 different colours to choose from.

The forehead jewelry I’m wearing today are from Axix and are available at SaNaRae until March 18. The set is called Spirit and there’s four metal tones to choose from. For a better look at the whole set have a look at the vendor pic here.

Last but not least, the hair I’m wearing today is from [Entwined] and is called Aurora. It was available at the previous round of We ❤ Rp. Speaking of which, stay tuned for some upcoming items as my next outfit will contain them!

Welp, I better get to bed so I can get to class in the morning! Here’s hoping that I’ll actually make it to sleep before 2am! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

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A Few Bits and Pieces

I’ve got a few things to show you today from some of the stores I blog for and some items that were part of Flower Power which ended yesterday. Misty-Mountains

First of all, as always, I shall talk about the amazing sim I took pictures at. The sim is called Misty Mountains and it’s seriously gorgeous! As you can see from the picture above, it’s a gorgeous forest sim with peaceful streams and it’s really a great place to go to relax!

I love forests and mountains. I think growing up near the beach has made me love mountains and forests because they’re so different from what I’m used to! I could think of nothing better than going on holiday in a jungle or on top of a mountain with such gorgeous views and no sand in sight!


Pose: XXY Senses 10 previously @ Pose Lover

The wings I’m wearing today are an absolutely stunning item from Plastik and are available at Whimsical as a ultra rare in their The Petrichor Druid Gacha. This gacha is pretty damn awesome! it has a ton of commons and 4 rares and for more details on what all of the commons and rares are, please see here. The shoes I’m wearing today are also from Plastik and are called the Mynerva Flats and are available at Shiny Shabby. The flats come in versions for Maitreya, Slink and TMP and come in 15 colours.

The outfit I’m wearing today is one of the items that was available at Flower Power until yesterday, the outfit is called Cami Tunic in the Red Flower version and it’s by [:: JesyDream ::]. Hopefully the tunic will be available on their marketplace store soon!


Pose: grafica null i previously @ Pose Lover

The necklace I’m wearing today is another item that was at Flower Power, this time from ^^Swallow^^. The necklace is called Key of Love and should be available at the swallow mainstore soon!

The skin I’m wearing today is from .:Soul:. and is called Amalthea. This is a lovely fantasy skin that’s available at Enchantment until March 5th. This skin comes with every applier you can think of and comes with an option for a star on the forehead or without. Today I’m using the catwa applier without brows and the catwa brows. The eyes I’m wearing today are the Oculus eyes also from .:Soul:. and also at Enchantment. The ears are from .:Soul:. as well and are the Luin ears and can be found at the main store!


Pose: grafica null ii previously @ Pose Lover

The hair I’m wearing today is the Isobel hair by [Entwined] that can be found at We ❤ Rp until the 29th so make sure you get in quick to get the items you may have missed! I’m super excited as I was recently added to the We ❤ Rp blogger team so next round expect some awesome previews of We ❤ Rp items!!!

The last item I’m wearing today is the hairband that is a common in ERSCH’s Angel gacha that’s available at SaNaRae until March 18. There’s 13 commons, 2 rares and 1 ultra rare and to see all of the items in the gacha check out the gacha key here.

Well that’s all from me for today! Hopefully I’ll get to squeeze in another post before Monday when I start Uni! After then, expect a slight drop in posts as I get used to study life! Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

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Last Day For Flower Power!

So today is the last day of Flower Power and I feel bad that I didn’t get to show you guys more of it! With Uni starting and other real life commitments I’ve fallen terribly behind and I’m sorry for that!

Today I have some furniture items to show you from [CIRCA] that are available at Flower Power so make sure you head there quick to pick the set up!!


The [CIRCA] items that are available at Flower Power in the pic above today are the Bench Sofa and the Rug. They’re part of Circa’s Bloom set and I thought they were pretty nicely textured! The sofa comes with 5 options for the cushions and 8 options for the wooden base and there’s 10 rugs to choose from plus 4 wreaths and a wreath as a gift available too! Make sure you head in quick to grab your last minute items before the event closes!

The house I used today was a Fifty Linden Friday item from last week by *Funky*Junk*. It’s called the Shelby Cottage and I really couldn’t resist picking up this bargain while it wa available! I love the wooden textures and thought it was perfect for the room I had in mind!

The Bike on the wall is from PewPew! and is available at the current round of Shiny Shabby. I think this is an awesome item! I loved the detailing on it and I know many people in real life who hang their bikes up on the wall to save space and putting it on a frame made it a great feature piece for the wall! There’s 10 colours to choose from each with a light or dark frame option and I really do think it’s a great addition to anyone’s house!

Another PewPew item that I’m using today are the adorable baby dinosaurs that are a part of their Baby Dinos gacha at SaNaRae. There’s 10 commons to collect and 2 rares and today I’m using one of both. The green dino is a common and the beige one is a rare and they really are cute as hell! The rare messenger dino has six different messages to choose from as well and seriously, I can’t stop looking at their cuteness!

The hanging plants that I have by the window today are from Sway’s and are available at the mainstore as part of Fifty Linden Friday. These are a great addition to liven up any house! The hanging plants come in a long (5 plants) or short (3 plants) version and have either white or colourful pots. Another Sway’s item that I’m using today is the Crate Stool that is under the window that’s also part of FLF. This item comes with 12 animations and 6 pillow texture options and there’s also an open version without the animations.

The Octagon Shelves that I have in the corner of the room are from Dysfunctionality and were their item for 25L Tuesday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to post them in time but make sure you head to the mainstore and pick them up anyway! There’s two versions of the shelf, skinny and wide and there’s an option for a shelf with a back or the one without a back which I’m using today. There’s also 6 wood options to choose from and I think it’s great for a modern touch to the room! The rest of the items I’m using today are all from The Home and Garden Expo including the items out can see outside the window.

The Pallet Table I’m using today is from [Daydreamers] which can be found on Hope 7. The textures on this table are really nice and I loved the magazines and ashtray on it! (I’m a sucker for clutter!)

The candles that I’m using by the sides of the sofa and the Japanese Lute that I’m using are both from [[RH]] and can be found on Hope 8. The candles are part of their Kuruwa set. The picture I’m using by the window is another picture in  VersaTile’s  Mobile Mind picture set this time being number 2 in the set. This one says “Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.”

The vase I’m using by the other window is by CCDesign and can be found on Hope 3. The shelves that the frogs are sitting on by the window are the Nautical Hanging Shelves & Decor set from Hearth & Home that can be found on Hope 4 and are a hunt item. These come with items on them that can be removed on the unlinked option. The frogs I’m using today are a really cute gacha item by meadowWorks. The gacha is called Yoga Frogs and there’s 13 frogs to collect with 10 commons and 3 rares. The gacha is 50L per play and 50% of proceeds to go RFL. The frogs I’m using today are the  Warrior Pose (common), Lotus Pose (common) and Downward Dog Pose (rare). You can pick these up in the gacha section on Hope 5.

The curtains I’m using today are the Straight Curtain Set by [USB] that can be found at Hope 1. I love these curtains! They have 12 texture options in them and are modifiable so today I made them a bit longer to go with the windows!

The flowers that are outside of the window are by Lunar Seasonal Designs and is called Menu Driven Spring Flowers Flower Bed. This flower bed has 50 flowers for each type of bloom, 16 leaf textures, 46 soil textures and 34 colour tints for the planter. Lunar Seasonal Designs can be found on Hope 6. Another Hope 6 item that I’m using outside today is the willow tree that can be seen outside the window. The tree is called the Romantic Willow Tree by Bee Designs and it has a cute little pillow set underneath it with two single poses, 8 cuddle poses and 9 “serving” poses.

The last item that can be seen outside the window is the stone wall by [WaM] and is called the loose Stone Fence which is full perm and can be found on Hope 3.

That’s all from me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and hopefully I’ll have time to hop on tomorrow to do another! Enjoy your weekend!

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Some more Fantasy Gacha!

Sorry for the delay in posts, I’m completely exhausted! University orientation week was this week and after being a night owl for so long, getting up by 6am to get across the city to get to Uni in time to find a decent park has been a shock to the system to say the least!

Today I have some more Fantasy Gacha Carnival items to show you as well as a gorgeous sim that I visited to take the pictures!Forests-of-Shara-1

The sim I visited is called Forests of Shara and it’s really gorgeous! The castles are amazing and the waterfalls and forests are so relaxing and it’s really worth a visit! You can visit the sim here and if you’re looking for a gorgeous castle to take some pictures this is the place to go!


Pose: Timeless Snow 1 @ Pose Lover

The dress I’m wearing today is called Unbroken by Sweet Kajira and it’s one of two gachas that they have at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The silk skirt on this set is gorgeous and the whole outfit looks really regal to me which is why I chose a castle as a backdrop. The Skirt and corset are rares and the jewels around the neck and corset are commons which have 12 different options to collect and it’s worth having a play to pick this outfit up if you haven’t already!

The bracers and choker that I’m wearing today are part of Luas’s Myr gacha. These are the rare amour pack and there are 12 common fitted mesh tops and skirts and a rare staff that go with this set that aren’t pictured. This set is really gorgeous as well and I hope I get time to blog it in the near future!


Pose: Timeless Snow 3 @ Pose Lover

The stole I’m wearing today is part of Axix’s Triss gacha for Fantasy gacha carnival and it’s the rare. There’s 12 commons to collect, these being a collar, top chains and thong chains in 4 different metals. Each item comes with a gems hud with 5 different gem options. The stole comes with a hud with 6 fur options and 4 metal options. Again I hope I get time to blog this outfit too but with university officially starting next week, the next few weeks are going to be a little slow for blogging for me while I adjust to the study schedule and the new sleeping patterns. I shall try to do a few posts over the weekend but I hope you guys can understand and forgive me if they don’t happen! Fantasy Gacha is open until March 7 so make sure you head there and grab these gorgeous items before they’re gone!

The skin I’m wearing today is by Insufferable Dastard. It’s called Luna and is available at the mainstore. There’s appliers for catwa, maitreya, belleza and omega and it’s a gorgeous skin! The tone I’m wearing today is the peach tone and it comes in 5 tones.


Pose: Timeless Snow 3 @ Pose Lover

The eyes I’m wearing today are .:Soul:.’s Oculos eyes that are available at Enchantment. I seriously love these eyes! They haven’t come off since I received them to blog and the fact that materials are enabled means that there’s a gorgeous realistic shine to them when you look at them in various windlights! Enchantment is open until Feb 29 so make sure you head over and get these gorgeous eyes while you can! My ears as usual are from .:Soul:. as well and are the Elf Nub ears that you can pick up at the mainstore.

The headdress I’m wearing today is by .:Pulse:. and is available at Flower Power. I’ve been running behind on Flower Power posts (who knew February was so busy for events!) But I’m going to do a few over the next few days so expect a few more casual posts and some home and garden/casual outfit posts coming your way soon! Flower Power is on until 26th Feb so be sure to head there and get some awesome 60’s and 70’s inspired outfits!

Lastly, the hair I’m wearing today is by No.Match and is called NO_SUCCESS. It’s available at Men Only Monthly but as you can see, this hair looks great on women too!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more coming over the rest of this week and the weekend. Hope you guys are enjoying your weeks wherever you are!

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