A very quick update

Hi all! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I just wanted to give my readers a quick update to where I’ve been and what’s happening.

April was a fun time for me, I went to the UK for a few weeks and had an amazing time! But unfortunately as soon as I got back it was straight back to uni and catching up on lectures I missed while away.

Since then it’s been study study and more study! I’ve got the last of my major assignments to finish then exams to prepare for until I finally get a break after June 25th. So for now I’m unable to blog due to all the study but after exams are over I fully intend on getting back into blogging a bit to relax and get a bit of creativity out!

I hope you’re all having an amazing time wherever you are and I’ll see you all again after exams with some awesome items from around the place!

❤ Leesee

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5 thoughts on “A very quick update

  1. Good luck with your assessments and exams Leesee. Same situation here so totally understand the desire to get back to doing something with the creative side of my brain!


      • hahaha WE all do that at exam time. Wonder why on earth we put ourselves under this level of stress. Remember two things, assessments and exams are just the stepping stones we skip along as we increase our knowledge and understanding of the discipline we want to master and the most important thing .. exam’s are never designed to make students fail, they want the average/majority of students to pass.

        So either take comfort in being in the majority (which is a pass) or shine and go study hard and be exceptional hitting that top end of the scores. Hugs.

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      • I’m hoping to keep my credit average so I can do a semester exchange to the UK next year. If I can do that then I’ll be overjoyed, but I’ll be happy to pass lol I’m so scared that I’m going to forget everything as soon as I get the exam and have a meltdown haha


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