A bit more Home and Garden Expo!

So today I decided to do a bit of an outdoor post featuring some of the awesome items from the RFL Home and Garden ExpoCountry-Living-1

The house I’m using today is from Spargel & Shine Homes and can be found at the expo on Hope 1. The house is called Bocas Belle and it’s a really gorgeous house! It’s 110 land impact with a 16 x 22 m approximate footprint. I loved the look of the outside of this house so I decided to do a bit of gardening. This house reminds me a lot of the houses on my street in real life which all have perfectly mowed lawns and perfect gardens so I decided to use that as a bit of inspiration for the size of my yard and then adding a bit of my own touch from various items from the home and garden expo plus from a few other stores.

The letterbox I’m using today is from -Hanaya- and is called the Forest Clearing Mailbox. It’s one of their donation items for the home and garden expo and has two options, a maildrop version and an unscripted version. You can pick up the mailbox on Hope 5 where you can also pick up the larger trees which are called Olympic Old Growth trees by ~The Forest ~ which come in two versions straight and leaning. The thing I love about these trees is that the shadows on them are animated. This really gives them a bit of extra realism and I can see myself using these trees a lot in the future!

The path that I’m using today is an item that I’ve had in my inventory for a while now. It’s called Mossy Path Light and is by ArchiTech Design


The porch swing I’m using today is the Watercolor Porch Bench by CHEZ MOI that’s available at the Hope 7 sim. This is an exclusive for the event and really is gorgeous! The bench has 10 texture options and cute little lights around the swing ropes. Another Hope 7 item that I’m using today is the Love Bed by [Daydreamers]. I love the clutter on this bed and can imagine myself laying down and reading a book in my backyard on a cooler summer day.

The birdbath I’m using is another item by  -Hanaya- that’s available on Hope 5. The birdbath is called the Forest Clearing Birdbath and it makes random bird sounds which add to the ambiance of any area you put it in!


The orange tree that I’m using today is by Dysfunctionality and is part of the Orchid Tree collection. The fences are also by Dysfunctionality and is available on Hope 4 the same with the fence that’s in the last picture shown today.

The well that I’m using is by *RnB* and is called the Mesh Water Well 2 and is available on Hope 8. The well comes with sounds and has options to only play sounds during the day or night and has 4 grass textures and 7 mushroom colours for the double mushrooms and 7 for the mushroom cluster.

The bench I’m using is another ~The Forest ~ item called I Really Like You. The bench has 3 single sits, 8 couples sits and a sequence option that plays through the animations. This item is available on Hope 5.

The smaller tree cluster and the horse I’m using today are both items from Dixie Dandelion that can be found at Hope 6. The trees are called Spring Tree Grouping and come with an option to have daisies at the bottom or without and they’re a great textured tree and being 2 land impact without the daisies and 3 land impact with the daisies they’re one that you can use a lot of! The horse is called Horse Black Walking and is mesh, unanimated and is 1 land impact. The texturing is great on this horse and I loved the fact that I could rez it down without having to worry about animations or lag!


The wagon seat that I put down next to the CHEZ MOI Watercolor Porch Bench is one that I couldn’t resist! As soon as I saw the dogs and cat I had to put it down! It’s called the Rustic Wagonwheel Seat by Outside the Box and is available on Hope 7. The chair comes with a sign (not pictured), chair, bucket and animals and has plenty of animations! There’s a guitar animation included as well! I tried to count all the sits in this one but kept losing count, that’s how many sit options this one has!


The garden piano I’m using is an absolutely stunning item by Kaerri that’s available on Hope 8. This one has 4 animations in it and I think it’s a gorgeous addition to anyone’s garden or forest!

The table and chair set that I have sitting on the porch are called the Antique Metal Garden Set by Dreamland Designs and is available on Hope 2. I loved the look of this set and it reminded me of the set that my grandma used to have out the front of her house so I had to put it down!

The Dragonfly Whirligig that’s in front of the Apple tree by Dysfunctionality is another item by Dixie Dandelion that can be found at Hope 6. This one goes in a clockwise direction and there’s options for with and without daisies as well as counter clockwise with and without daisies.

The last item I’m using today is a non home and garden expo item by Noble Creations. It’s called the Classic Fountain and can be found at We ❤ Rp

Well that’s all from me for now, stay tuned to see the inside of the house for some decor items coming soon! Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and make sure you go to the Home and Garden Expo and check out all the sims for some really amazing items!

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