While on the subject of older items…

So in my previous post I spoke about some older items and how I had already made an outfit before doing the previous post, well today is about that outfit and some other pretty cool things I found while dressing up the outfit and the background to go with it! That’s not to say that there isn’t any newer items in this post, because as always, I try to incorporate as many items from stores I blog for as I can in a post to show you, my readers, the many awesome looks that these stores can create when put together!

When doing an outfit, I always try to come up with a background from items in my inventory. I like to decorate as well as put together outfits so I find making a little scene to fit the outfit to be tons of fun!

For this outfit I used the Swag Curtain from *Figment*, the Medieval Rug by [zerkalo] and combined them with the Ornate Candlestick & Candle from Paper Moon and the Black Table from BananaN’s Goth Gatcha from May’s round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Even though it’s a simple scene, I think it looks great with the outfit! Arrow-Catcher-1

While going through items for the previous round of Fair Play, I found this gorgeous Queen of Autumn Gown from BlueMoon enterprise which is now available at the main store. I fell in love with the look of the gown so had to accessorise straight away! Now sometimes when I fall a bit behind in blogging I’ll just go through items and blog what I can even if it’s after the event the item was originally intended for, a lot of the time the items are available at the main stores afterwards, so I think it’s sometimes a good idea to remind people that the item that they may have missed out on at the event can still be picked up! Being old enough on sl to remember the time where there were no events, I sometimes miss shopping around at stores. There’s something to be said about going to the creator’s store and looking at all the awesome creations they make. I remember when I would go to a store and buy half of the items in it just because I loved that creators items. Now with all the events that are running, I very rarely do this, it’s more to do with finding what items I want at each event.

That’s not to say that events aren’t awesome, I love them! I love the different themes and seeing what items the creators come up with for each theme, it just seems to me that the market is really flooded with events right now and for this little Aussie it gets tiring at times!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, back to the outfit! For this outfit I decided to go with a bit of a darker look and add this awesome Die Schone Sterben black Headdress by ERSCH which was a Rare in their gacha for the previous round of Fair Play and which is also now available to play in the mainstore. I combined this with the  Apocalypse Bride veil by [MUSE] in the blood tone to give it what I think is a really awesome look! Speaking of Fair Play, it’s open for another round now so make sure you head there for some great new items and keep your eyes peeled to this blog for upcoming items!

Arrow Catcher 2

To add a few extra touches, I added the Punch Diamond tear piercings and the Medusa necklace by Otherskin which was a Rare in the May Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Which reminds me, Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open for a new round really soon so keep an eye out on my blog for upcoming items as I’ll be on that real soon!

The last things on the list of items I’m wearing today is the gorgeous Amber 2 skin by Hush and the Rowan hair by Besom which is for the current round of Tres Chic. Both of these I was wearing in my previous post. I really do love how something simple as a new dress and a few accessories can completely change the way skin and hair looks!

Finally the poses I’m using in these pictures are from La Baguette and are the Precious 1 and Busty 9 poses. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

❤ Lҽҽʂҽҽ

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