Thoughts on my first mesh head and some event items

Welcome to my lair 1

So I was lucky enough to get given a Julia mesh head by Genesis Lab that is available at Kustom9 in a gacha. I was given 3 different types. For this one I’m wearing the relaxed one in the Milk tone. I have held off on getting a mesh head because I, like a lot of people, don’t like the fact that they’re not editable past squashing the head a little (if someone could tell me why there isn’t a fitted mesh head yet I’d really love to know!). I like being able to change my features and like the thought that there’s no one else that looks like me out there.

So when I got a chance to try a mesh head without spending any money on it I thought why not? So I put on the head and the shape and the skin that came with it and decided to have a look and give a review on it.

The head itself isn’t too bad, I like the features and the detailing. If you join the Genesis group you can get hairbases and lipsticks for it (which I’m also wearing in these pics). The head isn’t really “me” but all in all it’s a gorgeous head.

Now for the part that I don’t like. Although the head says that the shape is for mesh eyes, and there’s mesh eyes that comes with it, when I put on the eyes I’m wearing it was a pain to get the eyes to look right with the head. I played around with them for a few hours and finally I had to edit the eyes and squash them a little and move them around to get them looking ok and still they don’t fit quite right. I know that one of my friends (and possibly a lot of other people) tried this head on and ended up putting it back in her inventory because she isn’t the sort of person who wants to spend half an hour getting the eyes to fit properly. The eyes she was using were the eyes that came with the head but she was using her own shape as she didn’t want to have to go through and change another shape to fit her body.

I find that the amount of editing that you have to do to be able to wear the head with eyes and the fact that you have to wear the shape that comes with the head to get things to even fit slightly to be offputting. I personally would be rather disappointed if I was to go and spend full price on a mesh head and have these issues and I think it could really hinder mesh heads from fully taking off as a popular item as in my opinion an average user of second life doesn’t want to spend time editing items when they’re supposed to fit properly out of the box.

Welcome to my lair 2

Now on to the event items! I’m wearing the gacha items from FDD for the upcoming round of Totally Top Shelf. I love the outfit, it’s really pretty, my only thoughts on it is there’s a gap at the top of the camisk that make it look slightly too big, but that’s not a huge deal and it’s really a gorgeous set! The bra and camisk are both rare and the tights, necklace and gloves that I’m not wearing in this picture are all common. Totally Top Shelf starts August 22nd so make sure you save the taxi and head over when it opens! The cute paddle I’m wearing is from Bro,Brah,Bruh and is for the Illusion Point event. It’s animated as well so you can run around spanking people all day!

The mask I’m wearing is from Spyralle it’s also for Illusion Point, it’s called the forest edge mask and has a hud to change the colour of the leaves and the branches. The leaves have six colour options and the branches four. This doesn’t fit snugly on the face, but it’s easily stretchable by going into edit which I love, I generally don’t like resize scripts, I prefer to be able to resize things myself!

The hair I’m wearing is another from Hair Fair, I didn’t end up being able to buy everything I wanted from there before it ended which is a shame (damn you lack of money!) but Damselfly didn’t disappoint with this gorgeous updo Aria! The eyes I’m wearing are from {S0NG} which I only realized the other day is a zero and not an O, I can’t tell you how frustrating that is as I always just type song when looking for their eyes and can never find them, it only occurred to me a few days ago to actually type in 0 instead! Last but not least in my outfit I’m wearing the eye depth prim from SUMii. I seriously never take these off apart from to change between the animated and non animated ones, I love the way they make my eyes sparkle!

For the scenery, I’m using the Demon Chair in carbon/black leather by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] and the Ornate candlesticks by Paper Moon. Both of these are also available at Illusion Point

Lastly the poses I’m using in the picture are by La Baguette, they’re the static poses 7 and 33

Well that’s all from me for this post. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll have the next installment of The Great Flickr Experiment done soon, so much homework to do with study though so I’m really sorry for the delay!

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on my first mesh head and some event items

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  2. There are not enough bones or attachment points in the head of an avatar for mesh to attach to. It is due to this system limitation that fitted mesh heads don’t exist (at least not in the way you’d expect).

    I’ve used a Genesis head before, but it was quite some time ago that I’ve toyed with it. Other mesh heads such at TMP or Lelutka don’t come with shapes. Although, you will have to adjust the eyes. If you’re able to adjust the squash and things, I don’t know that there is a way around this.

    There is an interesting move in SL (not good or bad, just interesting), where everyone expects things to be perfect out of the box. SL used to be a community of modders. Even when people weren’t creators/designers, they were master modders. So, you edited each prim meticulously to look correclty. Freakin’ eyelashes were insane. Even after mesh, we adjusted our shapes for each outfit. I loved the creativity of just fashioning your avatar, because you could use things in drastically different ways than intended. You still can (to an extent), but people (due to time limitations, maybe?) don’t wish to do this any longer. I suppose alongside the advent of mesh, came new expectations for better or worse.

    I, personally, love to use mesh heads. They are beautiful in photography. I was just discussing this with a friend the other day. She mentioned that she didn’t like mesh heads because they weren’t her. I realize some people are really attached to a skin/shape they use but I think of them as simply other parts to my outfit like a dress or a necklace. I wear a different skin and outfit each day. And each day, I can look drastically different. I consider each look to be ‘me.’ This isn’t because they look like a real life me, but because I created the whole configuration and presentation. It is how I choose to present myself. In a sense, it is my design (not the individual parts, but in its totality). Even in RL, I wouln’t define myself by how my face looks. Instead, by what I choose to wear and how I present myself in different situations. If I could change my face sliders in RL every day, I would and I would make an amazing spy. xD

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    • Thanks for your reply! I’m glad someone answered about the fitted mesh!

      I’m the same with modding, I got used to modding skirt prims and eyelashes constantly so squashing eyes a little while annoying, wasn’t a big deal for me but I know many who don’t have the patience. I think the expectation of things being perfect out of the box came with mesh for sure! With prims it was expected that you’d have to resize pant legs and skirt prims to get it to fit right.

      I’ve changed myself a lot in the past. I change skins and I’ve changed shapes I think I’m just attached to my current one for the moment. But if I find a mesh head that I fall in love with and have to have then I’ll become attached to that just as much. It really is a shame that they’re not adjustable with sliders yet. Hopefully it will happen one day!


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