Have you ever done this?

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So as I mentioned in my previous post on boxes I was going through Hair Fair demos when I came across this hair by (red)Mint named No.38’15. As soon as I tried this on I had to stop what I was doing and go straight to Hair Fair to buy it. I NEEDED this hair, it went so perfect with the outfit I was putting together from The Secret Affair that it got me excited. I went down there, combated the lag and purchased it straight away! Have you ever done that? Have you ever tried on a demo and had to drop everything you were doing to go get that item right then and there? I love it when that happens, it means that the creator has done their job, they’ve inspired me to either create an outfit around their item or they’ve made something that goes so perfect that it’s completed the outfit that I’ve been working on. It gets me excited and that happens rarely after seven years inworld. I think us oldies like to think we’ve seen everything after a while 😛

While at the Hair Fair buying hairs, I received an IM from the lovely ᴅᴀᴅᴇ ᴅᴏнᴇɴʏ (adedade). She asked me where I got my pose from (my AO is one I have made using the firestorm AO feature which I put all my blogging poses in, this helps me find the name easy so I can look it up in my inventory and link to it in my posts. If there’s an easier way than this, as always let me know!) I let her know that it was from La Baguette and gave her the link, not knowing that she was a store owner or anything, (I get IM’s about things quite often and as a blogger I feel it’s part of my “job” to reply with the link to whatever I get asked about and the name of the item.) She said thank you by giving me the awesome sandals that are available at OMGacha and septum piercing that I’m wearing which is also at OMGacha. It was definitely an unexpected surprise! I had never heard of her store CLOCKHAUS before, but let me tell you, she makes some amazing stuff! She asked for my opinion on the items she’s working on for The Fantasy Collective and we had a great chat. It’s awesome how you meet people like that! Never be afraid to IM someone when out shopping, you never know who you’ll meet, who you might become friends with and what sorts of awesome conversations you’ll have. If you ever see me out and about and want to IM me, go for it! I love random conversations and will stand around talking your ear off for hours! haha

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Speaking of excitement. There are very few events in the vast event sea that get me excited these days. The events that do however are the ones that are based around fantasy. I’ve always thought that there was little point in wearing something I could go out and buy in real life in second life. After all it’s second life, you can be whatever and whoever you want to be. Me? I choose fantasy. I think fantasy items in second life bring out the creativity in people, they’re a little more inspired than going and looking in a magazine and basing items from that. That’s not to say that the creators of casual clothing aren’t amazing, I can’t do anything but texture so I’m always in awe of people who can make mesh, I opened a mesh program once as I taught myself photoshop many years ago so thought ‘I’ll teach myself how to make mesh huzzah!’ Yeah that never happened, after five minutes I was like too hard and closed the program down. So mesh creators are amazing they have patience that I could never have, yet to me, fantasy items are more creative, they bring out the creativity in me, the artist.

So when I see that The Secret Affair is open, or The Fantasy Collective or any of the other fantasy events including the ones I’m lucky enough to blog for such as The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Which is on again in 24 days yay!) and Create your own Tarot (which started on the 15th), I get excited. I literally save my lindens for these events. Collabor88, Kustom9 and events like that I usually go to for decor rather than clothing (Kustom9 has great eyes!), the ones mentioned above, they’re where I get the majority of my clothing and accessories from. People seem to think that fantasy means role play. I find this interesting as I have never done anything role play related in the seven years I’ve been around inworld. I’ve never been into gor or any other role play. To me fantasy is exactly that, fantasy. You don’t need to go to some sim and role play a scenario to wear it. I get asked more often than you’d think if I play gor or if I role play and people always comment when I say no that I dress like I do. Why does it have to be role play related to wear an awesome fantasy outfit?

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Speaking of outfits, the one I’m wearing is at The Secret Affair mostly and is from a few designers. The dress, leg covers and upper and lower arm cuffs are from Cellar Door The outfit is called Roman Tunic and it’s available in a few colours, I got the white one. The cuffs are sold separately and are named Roman Cuffs, they’re available in gold and silver if I remember right. The Eagle I’m wearing is awesome. I hadn’t seen anything like this one before and grabbed it as soon as I saw it! I like that the wearable ones aren’t scripted. I find all the scripted pets really lag me so even though I love them and they look amazing, I never wear them, they sit in my inventory for the odd occasion I’ll want a pet for a picture. There’s something to be said in simplicity! This Eagle by [Black Bantam] and is named Roman Eagle Solider Pet. In the pack you have three versions, the two in the pictures above and a rideable one which you need to rez first. Black Bantam is a store run by the creator of Pink Acid. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a store for Black Bantam. I hope Stasey Oller the creator of both Pink Acid and Black Bantam, creates a store soon for her Black Bantam items, the Eagle I’m wearing and the Elephant at The Wayward Carnival both look amazing and it would be a shame not to be able to find them after the events if they’re available and Stasey is missing out on a great marketing opportunity by not having a store and linking to it in her profile picks as I know if I went looking in her profile for the link, others will too!

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The spear and shield I’m wearing is from *May’s Soul* and is called the Minerva set. It comes with the spear and shield separate as well as the one I’m wearing and I love the details on it. Especially the little bit of blood at the bottom to make it look like I’ve been fighting! The Necklace is by Kibitz and is called Amanda. As always with Kathya’s items it’s amazingly detailed! The intricate patterns on the pendants and detailing on the chains really give this necklace realism that makes it stand out. Seriously, if you’re into fantasy items and especially if you like ancient Rome themed items head to The Secret Affair as the theme for this round is Roman Colosseum and the items are amazing!

The last things I’m wearing of course are my skin and eyes the rest such as body etc can be found on my favourite things page. The eyes I’m wearing are from Insufferable Dastard. I love ID’s eyes and wear these more often than not. I’m actually thinking of adding these to my favourite things page. If you join their group, you can get previews of each set that they release for free. The group costs L$150 to join, but it’s totally worth it! The extra sparkle in my eyes is the Vintage Version of the original eye depth prim by SUMii. These ones aren’t animated but they really add an extra depth and realism to your eyes as they add shadow as well as shine. Last but not least is the Doll V2 skin in the Pure tone by Pink Fuel. This is another skin that I always find myself going back to. The appliers are all included in the price (the applier thing is going to be a future post in itself, new theme, Blogger Frustration Friday! Coming to your screens soon! XD) so I really do think it’s worth the money!

That’s all from me today. I hope you all have an awesome weekend!! ❤

Edit: I forgot to mention, the pictures I took were taken at this awesome roleplay sim called Pompeii I was so happy to find a sim that was empty (I lag so very very much you have no idea) and looked awesome first try!

Sumii Logo

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5 thoughts on “Have you ever done this?

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  2. I have dropped everything to get some items before – it is so great when one item can inspire a whole look! I’m curious about your mention of putting poses in your FS AO. I dance, so I have a TON of animations. I put my poses in a dance HUD – then I can categorize them via NC w/in the HUD if I want/need to, or I can just click through the ‘all’ list til I find one I like (which is what I usually do). Do most bloggers not use a HUD for poses?


    • I’m not sure, I just drop mine in the firestorm AO and then cycle through. I didn’t know pose huds existed until recently! I’d love to know what the advantages of having a hud is and if they affect stuff like lag as I find the more huds I wear the more lag I get and the harder it is to take pics!


      • I put my poses in a low-lag dance HUD and I use the Animare one to mod poses, but those are the only two HUDs I wear when I take photos. Plus, I can use the dance HUD to animate someone else (like my partner) if I’m using him in a pic.


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