An in depth look at Facebook and Facebook Pages for Second Life Bloggers

Dreaming of Summer 1My last post venting my frustrations at some of the down sides of blogging lead to a lot of discussion, much of it to do with the requirements that stores have to be a part of their official bloggers groups. This lead me to think a lot more about how what I find an easy thought process, may not be easy for everyone, I’ve been studying marketing for over a year now, so things like inviting people to my facebook page, in fact, creating a facebook page, twitter account, google plus account and various other social network accounts while being a natural thought process for me, may not be a natural thought process to a blogger starting out. I’m thinking that I shall touch on a few of these per post over a couple of posts to give an insight of what I’ve found works for me although for Facebook and Flickr I shall do a separate post for both and I think they are two of the most important social network sites for bloggers to be able to get views and I’ve found that these two are the ones that generate most of my traffic. Now I’m not in the popular end of bloggers, hell I’m not in the middle even, I’m just a small blogger who is under a year old who started out like everyone else, struggling to think of how to get more views and how to make it work. After reading posts on sl blogger support in their marketing tools page a light went off in my head, rl marketing applies! I had a little geek out and then got to work. Dreaming of Summer 2 The first thing I did was make a facebook account for my avatar. Now I’ve heard that there’s people who have had their accounts banned for being avatar accounts. I’m not sure what differentiates me from those accounts but I’ll give a rundown of what my account looks like. My name on sl is Lici Le. I go by the nickname Leesee. On facebook My avi account is Lici Le with the display name of Leesee Le. I’ve added my sl rez day but with my rl year of birth, you can see the other sections I’ve filled out in my about tab on my profile. I don’t know if that makes any difference or not, maybe try it and see as so far I’ve been lucky and not had any problems with my facebook account. From here I made my page. At first I only had a few friends so I invited them and then I joined to a bunch of second life “spam page” groups. To start with these were great to get my blog posts out there, and I do recommend joining a few at least. One page to definitely join is the SL Stores Looking 4 Bloggers group. If you are interested in getting “sponsors” then this page is a great resource as well as the SL blogger support page Designers looking for bloggers. I found that spamming my posts in 100 or more groups became tedious. I wasn’t getting the views I had hoped for, the likes to my page or the clicks to my blog. So I decided to shrug off the idea that I needed to know people to friend them on facebook. This is a second life avatar page after all, so I just went and looked up people to add. I started adding people with mutual friends, and then I noticed that people started adding me as well. I think facebook for second life people is very much a marketing tool and people don’t mind if you add them so you can share your blog posts, as a lot of them do the exact same thing. I now have 2,773 facebook “friends” and my timeline is filled with blog posts, pictures and other various updates from second life people which I love looking at.  Everyday I go to my second life facebook and I add people who are in my suggestions, if there’s any new friends requests, I accept them and then I invite people to like my page, anyone new will be found at the top (a very welcome recent change!) I send out the invites and luckily out of them I’ve had 270 people like my page. The thing I find great about having a facebook page over just spamming groups, is I can see how many people click my links, I can also post straight from wordpress to my facebook page and a few other social networks. I’ll go through how to do stuff like that in another post if there’s interest. On your facebook page there’s a tab called insights. This tab makes the marketing geek in me squee. It has all the information you could want and more. For me I look at how many likes I’ve had and how many engagements (people clicking, liking or sharing my posts) Facebook Page tools 1 Facebook Page tools 2

 This for me has come in handy as I’ve been changing the way I do things and what I blog about as I can see what posts are more popular. It’s great for working out what suits you and what your viewers like. If you set a feature image for your post you can keep track of what pictures inspire more clicks as well, if you mess around with your image style a lot this will help more than you’d think!
Under the insights tab, you can go through different tabs, likes, reach, visits, posts, videos and people. The likes tab will show you in more detail where your likes have happened, how many unlikes you’ve had and so forth.
Facebook Page tools 3 Facebook Page tools 4
The posts tab will show you in more detail how many people your posts have reached and how many post clicks and likes each post has had.
Facebook Page tools 6
While writing this post I just went through all the tabs. Another one that I think is interesting, especially if you want to target specific demographics, is the people tab, this will show you how many of your fans are women, how many are men and where they come from. Maybe it’s just the marketer in me, but this can come in handy when looking at who you’re blog posts are reaching, who are interested in your posts, where they come from and so forth.
Facebook Page tools 5  Facebook Page tools 7
I hope this post has given some insight into facebook a bit more. I have only really concentrated on my facebook page as this is what I concentrate on in facebook. If there’s anything that I’ve missed that anyone would like me to touch on, please let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to answer any questions or anything else. If I’ve touched on something that you’ve had more experience in, that you have found works better, let me know that too! I’m always looking for ways to improve! As always see below for the credits to the outfit I’m wearing in the pics!

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Skin – LOUX – Aimee – tone LX 05 (10L for Summer hunt until 26th July, Appliers sold separate)
Hair – Tameless – Vida @ Hair Fair
Eyes – .Insufferable Dastard. – Wayward Eyes – Leaf
Eye Makeup – The Stringer Mausoleum – Prophetess Makeup [Eyeshadow] – Void @ A Tattered Page
Piercings – PUNCH – Diamond Nose Stud, Basic Lip Piercings II
Earring – Persefona – Favi Feather Earrings (brown)
Necklace and Bracelets – [MUSE] – Royale Perpetua Necklace and Bracelets
Nails – DP – Koffin Nails – Slink – Carnival Colors (Part of Body Art Hunt)
Dress – *Sweet Kajira* – Zipi Camisk white @ The Alchemy
Thongs (Flip flops – yes we call them thongs down under!) – Flippant – Beach Bum flipflop (June Group Gift)
Chair and Table – Fiasco – Sailing Away Chair With Blanket and Side Table

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27 thoughts on “An in depth look at Facebook and Facebook Pages for Second Life Bloggers

    • I’ll be doing a post on flickr next! I have to admit I have focussed on facebook and flickr more than the others but I’ll definitely do a post on google+, twitter and tumblr as you can post to all of these straight from wordpress!


      • That’s fair, I have to be honest with you, I haven’t even looked at their policies at any great length. I know that it works for marketing businesses in rl so just made an account without thinking for my avi as well haha I didn’t even know that people had trouble joining with their avi names until Ever mentioned it on my last post!


      • I thought that might have been because of the fact that it’s not a real life last name, but I see plenty of avatar pages with Resident as their last name, so that can’t be it, unless resident is a real last name haha


  1. I also find Plurk a very interesting social network. Personally it helped me a lot with Flickr views, but most of my blog traffic comes from FB, blogrolls and plurk in that order. And besides it’s easy to use and SL accounts don’t get banned is a great way to communicate with bloggers and designers.

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    • I have a plurk account but I’m always forgetting it’s there and to be honest I don’t know how to use it very well, I have heard that it’s a popular social network for second life users.


  2. I really appreciate this post, Leesee! It’s been a very fascinating and helpful read. ♥

    My primary concern is that FB is apparently very quick on the trigger to delete or deactivate accounts attributed to SL avatars, meaning if you inadvertently upset or irritated someone, they could easily and anonymously flag or report your account. Then all your hard work with marketing your blog/brand and building an impressive friends list could be wiped out instantaneously and be tremendously difficult, if not impossible, to get reinstated. I know there’s at least one SL member who managed to get their account back, but it was quite a struggle. I believe they covered the story on NWN a month or two ago.

    So I’ve heard one way around the flagging issue is to post real life pictures, but IMO that sort of defeats the purpose of keeping your profile immersive and virtual world only. I also really dislike that they discriminate based on how “realistic” or probable a name is. The inherent issue I see is that in the real world, people may legally change their names to virtually anything; there’s an NBA player who changed his name to Metta World Peace, and presumably he’d have no issue setting up and maintaining a Facebook account. So name-based discrimination or flagging is very problematic.

    It’s really wonderful and encouraging to hear that you’ve had no trouble keeping your account active and free from being flagged, though! It gives me more confidence to sign up, but I’m still concerned about the possibility of having a lot of hard work and energy be lost. From what I understand, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ et al have no issues whatsoever with avatar names and accounts, and that’s a relief! Just wish FB was more reasonable and open-minded about it. 🙂

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    • See I had only heard of one person on my facebook page who had their account suspended but had gotten it back, I haven’t really seen any other accounts of it while looking through my feed. I think it’s worth taking the risk if you want to maximise on it. Hopefully you’ll be like me and won’t have an issue either 🙂 If I ever do get flagged, while being a pain, I think I’d either try and get it unbanned, or I’ll just make a new account lol


      • It’s actually a really fascinating issue; apparently the whole thing got started because drag queens were getting their profiles deactivated or deleted right and left, and they started a petition to get the policy changed. While FB issued an apology over it, they still have a firm “real names only” policy, so if your account gets flagged or reported as fake – meaning, the name on it doesn’t represent your legally-given name – it can be deactivated without warning.

        This all started happening in late 2014, so maybe FB is more lenient about it now which would be a wonderfully positive step toward expanding the horizons of their network and making it more open to all kinds of profiles. I fully support that they want to cut down on the probability of “catfishing” or people signing up accounts to troll/harass others, using fake names and photos, that kind of thing. But there are so many people whom I’m sure would love to have accounts for their SL avatars, WoW characters, roleplay personas, etc that it’s a huge demographic being missed. A friend mentioned that she believed a big part of the reason Facebook has an issue with it is that “avatar” accounts are less likely to spend money on any of FB’s services, games, etc. She had a really good point, but I’d personally never spend money on Facebook either way, and I’m sure many feel the same! 🙂

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      • I definitely wouldn’t spend money on any facebook services lol that’s something I’ll never understand. Hopefully they’ll see the untapped potential though!


  3. You can have a FB Page with your avi name with no issues, but having a *profile* with your avi name is against their TOS. So since Leesee is primarily using a FB Page (if I understood the post correctly), it may not be an issue. I know there are people who use a fake name like “Mary Smith” or “John Jones” and fly under the radar. That said, FB seems to apply the policies very unevenly – I have a relative who is using a name of a deceased relative as a fake account, and I have been unsuccessful at getting FB to do anything about it. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, no Time and Lace has a page, Leesee has a profile. I’m pretty sure most people do it this way as well. So I guess I’m breaking TOS? >.< I focused my post more on Time and Lace's page because I mainly use facebook for that page, but I do have a profile.


      • Well, their TOS says ‘real names’ only on profiles. You can be whatever you want on pages. But pages don’t have the same functions available as profiles, so many opt to take their chances and use a profile.

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      • well I guess I’m lucky that my sl name is my rl nickname haha so if it ever came down to it I can back myself up that way with my rl facebook, but I’d love to keep the two separate, I’ve had some horrible things happen to me and seen horrible things happen to friends concerning real life information so hopefully it wont ever happen to that! I see a huge second life population on facebook so maybe it’s not as strict now when it comes to names.


      • There is a huge SL population – it seems that every so often FB goes through and deletes a bunch. If your RL name is the same, great for you, you shouldn’t have any issues. I keep my RL/SL as separate as possible, given my stalker. 😀


  4. I really liked this post. I learned something new about Facebook, thank you for that! One thing I am going to try, starting with you. ( I’ve been too shy before) Is to start commenting on others posts and see if that helps with trafic and or interaction between myself and other bloggers.

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    • I think commenting on posts is a great way to get to know other bloggers, inworld I think we all get so caught up in blogging that we’re in our own little bubbles, at least on here we’re able to talk while doing something we love at the same time 🙂 I myself haven’t commented much on other people’s blogs etc before, I have on the sl blogger support site a few times but I’m generally a bit of a hermit lately lol I’m glad you liked the post too!


    • Hi Becky, thanks so much! It means a lot that you like this post. I have to admit it’s been your posts on the sl bloggers support page that have helped me with my blog more than any others I’ve read. I’ve actually shown a friend in real life a few of your posts on marketing in relation to her real like business as it’s all transferable lol. I hope my post might help a few people who either already have a page or are thinking of making one it really is a great tool.

      I’m glad the screen shots weren’t too much lol I was wondering while posting if they’d be too much or not!

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  5. Haha indeed! I’m gonna start working on a Flickr one today as I’ve been experimenting with Flickr more than Facebook over the past few weeks in regards to groups etc. I shall put a few screen shots in with that one too I figure some people might not know some of the tabs etc I use so if it helps one person is worth it 🙂


  6. My account was deactivated by FB last week because I did not associate it with my real name. My account was filled out just like a real one with likes profile etc. I assumed someone flagged me in anger but one day I logged in and it demanded paper proof of who I was. When they found out I had a FB for my avatar and rl name. they wanted to delete the avatar and merge my rl into my sl one. I have to admit my work colleagues in rl would not understand Second life. I willingly let the FB avatar profile go. I will miss the connection I felt with other second lifers but don’t feel the intrusion to my privacy worth the trade.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Taliferrue! From all I’ve read about the “real name policy” debacle, it seems tremendously easy for someone to decide to flag your account and have it marked for review, without warning or legitimate provocation. Surprisingly, FB seems to make quick work of these reviews, so there’s little time for damage control before your account is suspended.

      I found the NWN article I had referred to above, if anyone would like to read it. This is the first avatar I’m personally aware of who’s been successful getting their account back, but hopefully there are others. Unless you have an extremely well-known blog or SL brand, the chances of getting FB to acquiesce to your avie name being as good as your legal name are unfortunately rare at best:

      It would be heartbreaking to spend a lot of time building up a friends list, joining groups, and expanding your social circle only to have it taken away so quickly, or only be given the recourse of converting to a strict RL account. Otherwise I think Facebook sounds like a great opportunity for social connections, but the potential for risk gives me serious pause.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s interesting to read, thanks for sharing your story taliferrue! It’s a shame that this happens to people, the intrusion to privacy is definitely not worth it, especially if you’re using it for purposes such as to promote your blog. It’s a shame that people feel the need to be so spiteful to flag accounts like that.


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