An honest view of the Banned Dea Body

Dea 1

I said it would happen and here it is, my thoughts on the Banned Dea body. I’d like to start off by saying that this is by no means going to be just a write up about how good it is, the Dea body like all bodies has it’s flaws and I’d like to point them out today as well as the things that I think make this body stand out from the others out there.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I love the curves on this body, the only mesh booty I own is the Banned mesh booty and the butt on this body doesn’t fail to impress. The shape of the breasts is one of the best I’ve seen and it works really well with the shape I already have. I love that I’m able to make the boobs on this look natural, they have a really nice teardrop shape to them that I find a lot of other bodies/breasts seem to be lacking.

The second thing that drew my attention to this body is the fact that it’s made to fit the slink hands and feet perfectly. I’ve had the slink hands and feet for so long now that I have to admit I’ve become brand loyal to them, although there may be shoes for the other various hands and feet that come with various bodies, I find that the slink are the easiest, I already have appliers for pretty much every skin I have for them and I can be guaranteed to find shoes and appliers to fit. The Dea body fitting slink perfectly was a big deal for me, I hate staring at seam lines, it’s annoying and that brings me on to what is wrong with this body.

Dea 2

As I mentioned above, I hate seams and lines. They annoy me and that is the one downfall I have found with this body, the seam for the neck. The only way to counter this seam is to wear a collar to hide it as unfortunately no matter what skin I have worn this has shown up this is under every windlight I have tried as well which is unfortunate.

In saying this, the Dea body is only on version 2 so hopefully this issue will be fixed in the near future and then we’ll have close to a perfect body! Now on to the alpha hud.Dea Hud Upper Dea Hud Lower

The hud is great for alphas, the amount of different alpha sections are great and are almost compatible with every mesh I’ve found so far, there have been a couple that haven’t fit but this is to be expected with mesh bodies at this stage. The problem with the hud however is the fact that it’s not able to be made bigger. When trying to select the more intricate sections around the breasts and crotch area for instance, it can be a real pain to select the individual parts without making the hud bigger. In my opinion, if this was able to be stretched bigger via edit, it would eliminate this issue.

Other things to take note of with the Banned Dea body is the compatibility with appliers. This is one thing that I found to be awesome straight out of the box! It’s already compatible with lolas appliers, all of your banned booty appliers and if you have phat azz appliers you can drag the notecard out of them and straight into the applier hud that you get in with the body. It’s also omega compatible and the omega kit is 2L if you’re a member of the omega applier system support group. This makes things so much easier and the creator Lea (leanii) kindly gave me a link to a tutorial to make your own appliers as well which can be found hereThis is a great tutorial and really comes in handy for anyone who can take a little time to do their own appliers!

Now for the part that everyone is interested in, price. This is something that seems to vary a lot across the mesh body market. From 5000L for the Mesh Project’s Deluxe body, 1250L for Slink Physique (hands and feet not included), 3995L for the Belleza Venus body and 2750L for the Maitreya Lara body. The Banned Dea sits at a competitive price at 1199L. The list above is not a complete list of the mesh bodies available out there at all but in saying that when it comes to what I see as the most popular bodies out there, I believe that the Banned body sits rather competitively on the market and has a lot to offer for the price!

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of bodies available, head on over to Mesh Body Addicts and have a look at their in depth reviews of what I can see being every mesh body out there! It’s where I picked up the prices that I listed above for the mesh bodies mentioned and it has some really great reviews on there. I recommend it for anyone in the market for a mesh body!

Well that’s my honest review of the Banned Dea body. To clarify, I have a few bodies in my inventory. These being the Wowmeh, Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Eve Slim as well as the Lola’s Tango’s, Banned booty and the Phat Azz (which I completely forgot I owned until I just looked in my inventory!) I’ve been using mesh bodies/body parts for years now but have moved away from appliers and back to mesh clothing which is why you won’t see many applier posts from me as I feel it’s somewhat of a step backwards to wear appliers when there’s so much mesh on offer! If anyone would like me to do an honest review on any other body I have that is still being sold then please IM me inworld (Lici Le) or comment on this post and I’d be happy to do more. I just thought that this body really deserved it’s own post as I do think it’s one of the better ones out there even though it has a few flaws still.

Please see below for the other items that I’m wearing in this post and head over to the awesome events that they’re a part of and be sure to check back soon for more fashion and decor posts!

❤ Lҽҽʂҽҽ

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Skin and Head Jewels – [Stargazer Creations] Empress of the Stars – Oaisara @ Create your own Tarot

Eyes – [SUMii] – Haunted Love Eyes (Stark White)

Eye Depth Prim – [SUMii] –  Animated Eye Depth Prim

Hair – {aii} – Thresh Female – Hud 2 @ The Arena

Nose PiercingPUNCH – Diamond Nose Stud

Crown – .DirtyStories. – Lost Crown @ Fair Play El Mundo

Lingerie Banned – Dea Lingerie (Found with body)

Shoes – Pure Poison – Shairin Sandals – Black & Gold @ The Fantasy Collective

Poses – [La Baguette] – kittycat 16, static 15 – CV poses – Back

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11 thoughts on “An honest view of the Banned Dea Body

    • Thanks for your reply! I find that interesting, because I see it no matter what skin I use, around the hands and feet not so much but on the neck it’s very prominent. What skin do you usually use? Maybe it has something to do with skins, are the skins you wear made for mesh bodies? or do you use just tango/phat azz appliers? It would be great to find out if there’s a difference between using an applier made for the body itself and one made for tango’s etc to see if that is a contributing factor to seam lines!


    • Thanks Becky! I hadn’t noticed many posts on the Dea body either which is why I thought it deserved a post to itself! There’s plenty on the others but I believe this is one to keep an eye on for sure!


    • Thanks! For me it’s a toss up between the Banned Dea and the Maitreya I find I switch between them a lot depending on what mesh I’m wearing as some will fit the Maitreya better while others will fit the Banned better, I’m going to try the update to the Belleza and give a review on that as well, maybe I’ll do a comparison review at some stage as well lol. All these bodies get confusing!


  1. I have an issue with my Banned Body.. I use the Omega System applier Kit and I cant seem to get the clothing to clear
    I have to apply over or turn off completely… Clear buttons don’t work… Any one else have this issue? Any suggestions?


    • Hi MissTauni,

      I haven’t had this issue myself, I don’t wear many appliers apart from skins and tattoo’s. Have you tried asking in the banned group in world? I would say that’s the best bet on getting your issue resolved 🙂


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